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About Us

Hello to all the beautiful women of Vietnam, We are REGINA COSMETICS VIETNAM !

We are a newly established company  with the vision of bringing authentic name brand American cosmetics to Vietnam. In the coming weeks and months, we will begin the process of bringing in some of Americas most popular brands.

Our goal will not only be to guarantee all of our products authenticity, but we will also bring you high quality and affordable cosmetics. In time we hope to bring you a variety of cosmetics from several companies at the most competitive price.

We decided to start this company because of the difficulties we’ve faced finding these brands from a reliable source. We’re always hesitant when we see name brand goods, but no way of knowing the source of the products. Hearing story after story of women getting fake products which can be harmful and dangerous to our health, we wanted to make a difference.

Our promise to you is that all the products you find at REGINA COSMETICS VIETNAM will be 100% authentic. We want our customers who wear our cosmetics to feel confident knowing they’re using safe and reliable products. We hope to inspire all women to be strong, independent and powerful.