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Thương hiệu: GLOSSY POPS
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TOCO TOUCAN is a  style from our newly designed LIP collections. Inspired by the beautiful rainforests, Toucans are colorful,sharp and add to the rainforest charm ;). TOCO TOUCAN is an amazing scented lip balm that is irresistible. Enjoy the smell of  Peach in our clear turquoise lip balm. Don’t forget to finish that pout with our sweet smelling gloss.

Flip open top for Lip Balm, Unscrew the handle for Lip Gloss.

Lip Balm Peach

Lip Gloss light sweet scent

Step 1) hydrate. Step 2) shine on. Step 3) Smell and feel as sweet as you already are!

Phthalate Free / Sulphate Free / Vegan / Cruelty Free / Gluten Free

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